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Since Covid safer at home issues arose, the clerks of court in Florida, have implemented a plan for FaceTime or zoom calls to watch the bride and groom sign their license application, then you print and bring the license to me at th wedding, after which I file it in the office from which you obtained it. Your QUOTE from me will include local clerk of court contact info, so you can proceed with obtaining the license.

There are three states who allow you to obtain their marriage license and bring it with you to the beach. After the ceremony Dennis will file it in the office from which you obtained it. Tennessee Texas Mississippi

Here is the Floridal License Information


  • Generally, obtaining a marriage license takes 30 minutes and both parties must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Both parties must have State or Government issued valid photo identification (Driver's License, State Issued iD card, Passport, or Militatry ID).
  • Both parties need their social security numbers (you do not have to bring the cards with you).
  • If you have been divorced, both parties must know the full date of the divorce, annulment, or death of previous spouse (you do not need to bring these forms)
  • If you are planning a wedding in Florida, you may apply for your marriage license in the state of Florida. You may apply in any county as long as the license is obtained in the state of Florida.
  • According to the Florida Statue 741.01 : every marriage license shall be issued by a County Judge or Clerk of the Circuit Court under his hand and seal.
  • Both parties must come in person to apply (No exceptions).
  • The Marriage License is valid for 60 days from the effective date (Block 19 on the Marriage License).
  • The person performing the ceremony must return the license to the Clerk of the Circuit Court's Office for recording within 10 days after the marriage ceremony is performed (Bro Dennis does the filing with the County Clerk).

Dennis will provide you with directions to the most convenient clerk of the court to where you are staying.

News for anyone living near enough to Tennessee - You may obtain and bring a Tennessee Marriage License with you to Florida ... which, after the wedding, is filed back in the clerks office from which you obtained it.

Here is the Tennessee License Information

If you are coming from the Tennessee area, want to marry on the beach in Florida. Perhaps you live NEAR Tennessee, you DO NOT have to be a resident of Tennessee to obtain the license there, simply get to the clerk during business hours. This is most helpful if on your wedding weekend you will be driving down to the beach on a Friday night and have to be home and at work again on Monday.

Anyone .... may obtain your marriage license from a clerk of the court in Tennessee for use at a Beach Wedding in Florida.

You simply present it to me at the ceremony . . . . .
As an ordained minister I am allowed to accept your license, then after the ceremony, I will file it in the clerks office from which you obtained it in Tennessee.

T.C.A. ยง 36-3-103(c)(1). states.....

"The county clerk issuing a marriage license is hereby authorized to record and certify any license used to solemnize a marriage that is properly signed by the officiant when such license is returned to the issuing county clerk. The issuing county clerk shall forward the record to the office of vital records to be filed and registered with such office. If a license issued by a county clerk in Tennessee is used to solemnize a marriage outside Tennessee, such marriage and parties, their property and their children shall have the same status as if the marriage were solemnized in this state. A county clerk is prohibited from issuing a license for a marriage that is prohibited in this state.

ID and Residency Requirements: You will need a valid driver's license or certified birth certificate or valid passport to obtain a Tennessee Marriage License
You must also provide your Social Security number. It is a non-negotiable requirement.
You must have proof of Social Security. Passports from those who are not US citizens are acceptable.

You do not have to be a resident of Tennessee.

The marriage license is valid for thirty (30) days.
Previous Marriages: You will need to show a copy of your divorce decree.

Covenant Marriage Option: No.

Waiting Period: None.

Fees: According to Tennessee Statutes 36-6-413-b-2, non-residents in some Tennessee municipalities can receive a $60 discount upon showing the county clerk proof that establishes they are not Tennessee residents. Call the county clerk where you want to get married to see if this discount will be available to you.

Other Tests: No blood test required.

Proxy Marriages: No. However, if an individual is incarcerated or has a "disability that prevents the applicant from appearing", a notarized statement that contains the "person's name, age, current address and the names and address of the parents, guardian or next of kin" may be accepted by the county clerk.

Cousin Marriages: Yes. A marriage to a first cousin is allowed.

Common Law Marriages: No.

Same Sex Marriages: No.

Under 18: If either party is under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by parents.
If under the age of 16, Tennessee law requires that the couple receives a court order before being allowed to marry.

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